Unique Service Offering

Profiling, Scoring and Contact Propensity

Nexxa Portfolio Management believes in maximising contact opportunities and offers traditional treatments made more efficient through technology. Intelligent propensity to pay scoring models and socio-demographic profiles are applied and continuously validated to drive maximised return potential of each contact attempt we make.

Automated Skip Searching (Phase)

Nexxa Portfolio Management has developed an industry first, automated skip tracing application that uses sophisticated machine learning to mimic the search logic of a seasoned professional. This means that our operators spend less time looking for leads and a great deal more time having meaningful conversations.

Income Verification & Hardship Assessments

Through our technology and analytics company, Incredo, we have developed intuitive and easy to use electronic income verification and spending analysis software. Initially designed to reduce risk at the point of origination for lenders, Incredo Analytics is used extensively by Nexxa Portfolio Management in the assessment and management of hardship applications.

Traditional Service OfferingsIn addition to our market leading innovations, Nexxa is proud to offer industry standard debt collection treatments as summarized in the table below:

Contact Channels Data & Validation Support Services
Surface Email Phone number validation Overflow Management
Email Bulk Asset Identification Hardship Assessments
Phone Recovery Modelling Process Serving & Field Calls
SMS Contact Scoring Dispute Resolution
IVR Propensity to Pay Scoring Debt Litigation