Unique Service Offering

Profiling, Scoring and Contact Propensity

Nexxa offers traditional treatments made more efficient through technology. We believe in maximising contact opportunities, and have built contact level scoring into our host platform so that our probability of contacting a customer via each available medium is continuously re-evaluated based on the success of previous interactions.

Intelligent propensity to pay scoring models and socio-demographic profiles are applied at the point of file referral and are continuously validated to ensure they continue to drive maximised return potential for each and every contact attempt we make.

Automated Skip Searching (Phase)

We understand that late stage delinquent debt will always involve a level of investigative skip tracing work; however, we don’t believe that manual searches offer the most efficient way to facilitate this process.

While the industry at large has sought to fill the void through data washing / cleansing and credit bureau integration, we have tackled this from a new angle at Nexxa.

By leveraging our technological advantage, Nexxa has developed an industry first, automated skip tracing application that uses sophisticated machine learning to mimic the search logic of a seasoned professional.

Leads are captured using relational association logic, and our platform populates a skip relationship tree showing all possible associations for the individual that we’re looking for. Leads generated include potential relatives, neighbours, and friends with information gathered from traditional industry sources, albeit automatically in the evenings.

The validation of leads is of course still left to our operators, who are assigned accounts using our proprietary workflows which prioritise location probability by the strength of provided leads.

This means our operators spend less time looking for leads and a great deal more time engaged in meaningful conversations.

Income Verification & Hardship Assessments.

Nexxa, through its technology and analytics company, Incredo, has developed intuitive and easy to use electronic income verification and spending analysis software.

Incredo Analytics was initially developed as a standalone market offering designed to reduce risk at the point of origination for lenders. It is now also used extensively by Nexxa in the assessment and management of Hardship applications in both our contingent and debt purchase businesses.
Using integration with financial aggregator Yodlee, as well as the Australian MyGov portal, Incredo Analytics is able to download and analyse up to 12 months of deposits, withdrawals and other transactions to build a consumer serviceability profile in under 2 minutes.

By default, the application will identify the regularity and quantum of income, via both employment deposits and paid government benefits, and will assess and categorise expenses to determine the number of concurrent loan repayments, direct debit reversals and/or payments to existing mercantile agencies.

The application is also able to identify high risk expenses such money spent on alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, and frequent large cash withdrawals.

Traditional Service OfferingsIn addition to our market leading innovations, Nexxa is proud to offer industry standard debt collection treatments as summarized in the table below:

Contact Channels Data & Validation Support Services
Surface Email Phone number validation Overflow Management
Email Bulk Asset Identification Hardship Assessments
Phone Recovery Modelling Process Serving & Field Calls
SMS Contact Scoring Dispute Resolution
IVR Propensity to Pay Scoring Debt Litigation