We disrupt financial services by combining market leading technology and compliance to create solutions for our clients and customers.

Our Mission

We aim to provide partnerships that are based on excellence in compliance, leading recovery rates, flawless customer service, and unwavering pursuit of procedural efficiency leveraging new and emerging technologies, today and into the future.

Our Operational Approach

We understand that the drivers to liquidating debt portfolios change as they age. They are dependent on product type, prior treatment, documentation availability, client expectations, and a host of other factors. Our approach is flexible and tailored to suit each portfolio to ensure compliant, efficient, and effective treatment.

Our goal is to meet and exceed the recovery rate and value expectations of our clients. We achieve this through professional conversations with customers, the use of modern contact methods, automated flexible workflows, and open communication with our clients.

We tailor workflow and activity strategies for each component of the account management life cycle to ensure the most profitable outcome for our clients and ourselves.

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