Posted by Daniel O'Farrell | 7 Mar

Compliance exists as a corner for most industries, but it shouldn’t be just a set of rules or a standard.

To truly comply you need to embody the principles.

At Nexxa we’ve designed our core platform with compliance at its centre.

Our system continually monitors account level contact attempts and will automatically flag and prohibit frequent or excessive contact.

We’ve intelligently designed contact point scoring, so our Operators know which avenue is most likely to deliver active dialogue allowing us to be more efficient, and cut down on unnecessary voicemails.

If a customer elects a certain medium or appoints a party to act on their behalf, we’ve got that covered too with intelligent exclusions that will automatically drive compliance.

With native call quality monitoring built into our application, quantifiable measures are supported with reviews focused on the quality of our conversations.

Compliance is non-negotiable and our system won’t take any prisoners.

About the author: Daniel O'Farrell

Daniel O’Farrell started in the Collections Industry in the late 90’s and since that time has held a number of key senior leadership role and executive appointments, including as director and co-director of a number of very successful businesses which are all poised for continued growth. Being a thought leader with a keen interest in technology and continuous improvement, and a sharp focus on best practice, Daniel has always sought to bring disruptive innovation to the industry. In his time, he has built and established a number of successful brands, with his Incredo Analytics income verification solution being the latest new comer ready to shake up the market in 2016. In creating Incredo, Daniel saw an opportunity to use his vast industry experience in Collections to further reduce delinquency and loss at the point of origination with an increased focus on real-time lender due diligence. As Managing director of both Nexxa Portfolio Management, and Credit Four (ACL# 418709) his rapidly expanding debt acquisition business, Daniel firmly believes there’s always a far simpler and more effective way to do business, investing himself heavily, both personally and financially to achieve greater returns for his clients and a far more fluid, dignified and positive Customer experience for those dealing with Nexxa.