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Did you know in Collections it’s common for Operators to spend up to 40% of their day looking for phone numbers and leads for Customers that may have skipped town? The longer it’s been between payments, the harder your Customers may be to find.

“Data washing” alleviates some of the pain by appending publically listed numbers to available addresses, while this process is fast and cheap, you do get what you pay for. Sadly, this process often relies on accurate address data to begin with, which doesn’t help you if you think your Customers have moved.

Nexxa has well and truly changed the game! 

We’ve developed proprietary technology that automates the skip tracing process by using machine learning to mimic the search activity of a seasoned professional. It does this while you sleep… The benefit to you is that our seasoned professionals spend less time looking for leads and up to 40% more time having the sorts of meaningful conversations that get your Customers back on track.

If you’re still looking for a better way to manage your receivables, get in touch with Nexxa.

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